2022-2023 Officers


Himal Bamzai-Wokhlu

School: Buchholz High School

  • Leads and prepares for delegate meetings
  • Leads new projects

Vice President

Sharvaa Selvan

School: American Heritage Broward

  • Updates the official common dispute document
  • Advertises regional testwriters¬†


Srijan Deoraj

School: American Heritage Broward

  • Advertises and collects Squirty Chicken funds
  • Purchases the Squirty Chicken (FAMAT ACE)


Tanmay Haldiya

School: James S. Rickards High School

  • Records meeting minutes
  • Contacts sponsors via the listserv
  • E-mails and informs student delegates


Jesse Brodtman

School: American Heritage Palm Beach

  • Implements the Squirty Chicken Formula
  • Updates the Facebook page and Student Delegate website