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Greetings FAMAT!

The Student Delegate Association is committed to strengthening the relationship between competitors and maintaining an outlet for students to voice their opinions and ideas for our organization.

Our organization and its meetings are open to all schools (2 students per) – just walk in! There will be a meeting during lunch at every Invitational competition (details will be posted in the Facebook group on or before each competition date) and elections will be held at the State Convention.

We encourage you to join our Facebook group, as it is our primary form of communication. We look forward to seeing you at meetings!

For more information about Mu Alpha Theta, check out the national website!


Not sure what to do with those trophies that are sitting around collecting dust? RE-PURPOSE them!

Please bring MATH TROPHIES ONLY, that you wish to donate to the State Convention. You will be given an EXTRA Raffle ticket for each one given.

Please bring 3 or more IN A BOX so we have enough boxes to take them back to be re-purposed. Saving the planet one trophy at a time!

The application for 2023-2024 FAMAT Student Delegate Officers is now open! The due date is Wednesday, April 5th, 2023. If you have any questions email famatstudent@gmail.com. You can access the application here.

Hey all! The FAMAT website is back up and running again. You can download and view tests at this link: https://famat.org/

Statistics ciphering will be a 4th choice at the state convention in April. It will not count for Sweepstakes, but you can win trophies just like the other three divisions.

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Email: famatstudent@gmail.com

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218302711529523/